International Journals

10. Morii Y*. The influence of deforestation on.. (in review). Summary.

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Japanese Journals

17. 森井悠太*・山上竜生,2017.中頓別町(北海道枝幸郡)の石灰岩地・非石灰岩地における陸産貝類相.Edaphologia, 101: 1–6. Morii Y* & Yamakami R, 2017. Terrestrial molluscan fauna at limestone and non-limestone area in Nakatonbetsu-cho (northern Hokkaido, Japan) Edaphologia (in Japanese).

16. 森井悠太*・小松貴,2017.陸産貝類の空殻を利用するアリ類の種と分布の記録.昆蟲(ニューシリーズ),20: 1–5. Morii Y* & Komatsu T, 2017. A record of the ant species in the empty shells of land snail in Japan. Japanese Journal of Entomology (New Series) (in Japanese).

15. 森井悠太*・渡辺恵・渡辺義昭,2017.北海道北見市で確認されたクリイロキセルガイモドキ(有肺類:キセルガイモドキ科).美幌博物館研究報告,24: 5–8. Morii Y*, Watanabe M & Watanabe Y, 2017. A new record of Mirus andersonianus (Enidae, Pulmonata) at Kitami City, Hokkaido Island, Japan. Bulletin of the Bihoro Museum (in Japanese).

14. 森井悠太*・町田善康,2017.美幌町市街地近郊の陸産貝類相.美幌博物館研究報告,24: 1–4. Morii Y* & Machida Y, 2017. The fauna of terrestrial molluscs at Bihoro Town, Hokkaido Island, Japan. Bulletin of the Bihoro Museum (in Japanese).

13. 森井悠太*・内田翔太,2017.利尻島において採集された陸産ウズムシ類(扁形動物門:三岐腸目)の DNA バーコーディングを用いた同定の試み.利尻研究,36: 35–37. Morii Y* & Uchida S, 2017. Species identification using DNA barcoding of the terrestrial planarian (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in Rishiri Island, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Rishiri Studies, 36: 35–37 (in Japanese).

12. 森井悠太*,2016.エゾマイマイ(有肺類:ナンバンマイマイ科(オナジマイマイ科))の東限の採集記録.知床博物館研究報告,38: 1–3. Morii Y*, 2016. A New Record of Ezohelix gainesi (Camaenidae (Bradybaenidae), Pulmonata) at Notsuke Sandspit, eastern Hokkaido, Japan. Bulletin of the Shiretoko Museum, 38: 1–3 (in Japanese).

11. 森井悠太*,2016.利尻島の陸産・淡水産貝類相.利尻研究,35: 35–41. Morii Y*, 2016. Terrestrial and freshwater molluscan fauna of Rishiri Island, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Rishiri Studies, 35: 35–41 (in Japanese).

10. 森井悠太*・神武海・興野昌樹・並河智子・佐々木久美子・高江洲昇・渡辺早苗,2016.北海道に移入したマダラコウラナメクジ(有肺類:コウラナメクジ科)の分布状況.ちりぼたん,45: 256–261. Morii Y*, Jin T, Kyono M, Namikawa T, Sasaki K, Takaesu N & Watanabe S, 2016. The distribution of the giant garden slug, Limax maximus (Pulmonata: Limacidae) recently introduced in Hokkaido Island, northern Japan. Chiribotan, 45: 256–261 (in Japanese). “Introduced on Hokkaido Shimbun (Newspaper), UHB (TV) and some other media”

9. 森井悠太*・内田翔太,2015.利尻島における陸産ウズムシ類(扁形動物門:三岐腸目)の初記録.利尻研究,34: 45–47. Morii Y* & Uchida S, 2015. The first record of the terrestrial planarian (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) in Rishiri Island, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Rishiri Studies, 34: 45–47 (in Japanese).

8. 森井悠太*・佐藤雅彦・小川直記,2015.利尻島におけるミズカマキリ類 2 種(ミズカマキリ Ranatra chinensis,およびヒメミズカマキリ Ranatra unicolor(カメムシ目:タイコウチ科))の初記録.利尻研究,34: 41–43. Morii Y*, Sato M & Ogawa N, 2015. The first records of two species of the water scorpions, Ranatra chinensis and Ranatra unicolor (Hemiptera: Nepidae) in Rishiri Island, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Rishiri Studies, 34: 41–43 (in Japanese).

7. 森井悠太*・佐藤雅彦・小川直記,2015.利尻島におけるゲンゴロウ Cybister japonicus(コウチュウ目:ゲンゴロウ科)の初記録.利尻研究,34: 37–39. Morii Y*, Sato M & Ogawa N, 2015. The first record of the diving beetle Cybister japonicus (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae) in Rishiri Island, northern Hokkaido, Japan. Rishiri Studies, 34: 37–39 (in Japanese).

6. 森井悠太・伊藤建夫*,2013.サハリンのカラフトルリシジミの異常型について.バタフライズ(フジミドリ),63: 44–45. Morii Y & Ito T*, 2013. An aberrant female of Vacciniina optilete sibirica (Staudinger, 1892) found at Katangli near Nogliki, northern Sakhalin in 2012 summer. Butterflies (S. fujisanus), 63: 44–45 (in Japanese).

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2. 谷澤崇・東城幸治*・末吉正尚・森井悠太・樋口明浩・吉田利男,2007.学校プールを利用した水棲生物観察会 −安曇野市立豊科南中学校での試み−.New Entomologist, 56: 50–54. Tanizawa T, Tojo K*, Sueyoshi M, Morii Y, Higuchi A & Yoshida T, 2007. Observing aquatic organisms with children using the school pool: an attempt at a junior high school in Azumino City, Nagano, Japan. New Entomologist, 56: 50–54 (in Japanese).

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Other Publications

5. 森井悠太,2018.ナメクジの出現を予測する!―市民科学と最新統計の融合,academist Journal, 13 Jun. Morii Y, 2018. Citizen science ― A powerful tool to combat invasive giant slugs. academist Journal, 13 Jun (in Japanese).

4. 森井悠太,2018.World Congress of Malacology 2016 への参加報告,ちりぼたん,48: 89–91. Morii Y, 2018. A report for World Congress of Malacology 2016. Chiribotan, 48: 89-91 (in Japanese).

3. Morii Y2017. Research in Spitsbergen Island, Norway. ArCS Official Blog, 22 Dec (in English and Japanese).

2. 森井悠太,2016.天敵が生き物の多様化を促す?―カタツムリとオサムシの攻防をめぐる進化の謎に迫る,academist Journal, 16 Dec. Morii Y, 2016. Do predator drive the divergence of prey? academist Journal, 16 Dec (in Japanese).

1. 森井悠太,2012.トワダカワゲラ類の進化生物学的研究.山岳科学総合研究所ニュースレター,30: 4. Morii Y, 2012. Evolutionary biology of scopurid stonefly (Plecoptera, Scopuridae). News Letter on Institute of Mountain Science, 30: 4 (in Japanese).