Research Interests

Divergence and convergence via ecological adaptations

Genetic and phenotypic evolution via biological interactions

Influence of long distance dispersal to populations and ecosystems

Citizen science as a force against introduced species

Paper Summary

1. Morii Y* et al., 2015. Evidence of introgressive hybridization between the morphologically divergent land snails Ainohelix and EzohelixBiological Journal of the Linnean Societydoi:10.1111/bij.12466.

2. Morii Y* et al., 2016. Parallel evolution of passive and active defence in land snails. Scientific Reportsdoi:10.1038/srep35600.

3. Morii Y* & Wakabayashi H, 2017. Do the native rodents prey on land snails? : An experimental and quantitative study in Hokkaido, Japan. Zoological Science. doi:10.2108/zs170018.

4. Morii Y* & Nakano T, 2017. Citizen science reveals the present range and a potential native predator of the invasive slug Limax maximus Linnæus 1758 in Hokkaido, Japan. BioInvasions Recordsdoi:10.3391/bir.2017.6.3.01.

5. Morii Y*, Ohkubo Y* & Watanabe S, 2018. Activity of invasive slug Limax maximus in relation to climate conditions based on citizen’s observations and novel regularization based statistical approaches. Science of The Total Environment (STOTEN). doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2018.04.403.