Research Interests

Divergence and convergence via ecological adaptations

Genetic and phenotypic evolution via biological interactions

Influence of long distance dispersal to populations and ecosystems

Citizen science as a force against introduced species

Paper Summary

1. Morii Y* et al., 2015. Evidence of introgressive hybridization between the morphologically divergent land snails Ainohelix and EzohelixBiological Journal of the Linnean Societydoi: 10.1111.

2. Morii Y* et al., 2016. Parallel evolution of passive and active defence in land snails. Scientific Reportsdoi: 10.1038.

3. Morii Y* & Wakabayashi H, 2017. Do the native rodents prey on land snails? : An experimental and quantitative study in Hokkaido, Japan. Zoological Science. doi:

4. Morii Y* & Nakano T, 2017. Citizen science reveals the present range and a potential native predator of the invasive slug Limax maximus Linnæus 1758 in Hokkaido, Japan. BioInvasions Records. doi: